Saturday Night Movie - Ukholo

28 July 2017
They say love conquers all. No one knows this better than Bantu.
saturday night movie ukholo

You love your original Mzansi Magic movies keeping you company on Saturday night. This Saturday night's movie is sure to keep you hooked from the first minute with a story of love, triumph and a fight for the greater good.

Bantu felt his world caving in when his wife, the woman he thought was the life of his life, left him on their anniversary. How could she? He had been the perfect husband. A depressed Bantu tries to commit suicide to end his anguish, but little does he know, that it is not yet time for him to leave earth. However, he feel he could never love another...until somewhere in those clinical hospital walls, he hears the clear and warm voice of a woman...

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The voice serenades him to health and he feels that maybe, just maybe he could try again at life. With a new resolve for life, Bantu picks up the pieces of life and even goes to church. There, sitting among the congregants also seeking answers to their troubles, he heres that angelic voice that saved his life in hospital. He finally gets to put a name to face and begins a budding friendship...

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However, moving on and in friendship will not be as easy as it seems. With a corrupt pastor, seeking only his financial gain and threatening his new found friendship withthe angelic singer Shanto, Bantu is in a catch 22. 

Can he convince Shanto of the pastor's true intentions? Will he reveal to her that he is in fact divorced and wants to begin a long life with her...his second chance at love? Or will he succumb to the depression caused by his past? 

Tune into Saturday night's movie #Ukholo tomorrow at 19:30!

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