Sarafina - where it all began!

25 May 2017
Somizi took us down memory lane ith a visit to the state theatre to see Sarafina - the production where it all began for him.
LTDWSomizi sarafina where it all began

It is by far one the greatest South African musicals and productions ever made - Sarafina. A story centering the role played by students in the fight against the Apartheid regime. It is also where Somizi's career as an actor, dancer and public figure began.Β 

Somizi is something of enigma while being pervasive. He is on your tv screens as a dancer, a singer, and #IdolsSA judge, an MC of some of the country's biggest events among other great accolades. It is sometimes difficult to see where larger than life people like SOmizi began the path to building and living their dreams.Β 

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Last night, Somizi gaves a rare glimpse into where it all began by visiting the production where his career began. A production that tok him around the world in lively and loved performaces.Β 

In true Somizi style, he did not just watch the incredible performace at the state theatre but jumped on stage and joined the cast in the peformance.Β 

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Not only was Somizi full of fervour and spark as he performed byt he still remembered all the choreography from the production. A choreography he helped to create and implement.Β 

At the time it may have seemed to be small beginning but Somgaga journey beginning with Sarafina was actually an early and legendary beginning.Β 

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