Saints and Sinners: The Penny Drops

27 February 2017
The scales have fallen from Rosie's eyes, and she learns who Phakamani really is.
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We often think we know very intimately the ones we love. We know their hopes, their dreams, their fears. We know how they take their coffee, what toppings they want on their pizza, and we can finish their sentences. It's tempting to think that the ones we give our hearts to completely have surrendered themselves as completely to us, and yield their every thought to us. We think we can predict what they'll say and do with the utmost certainty. Sometimes, we get it wrong; we get it so very wrong. The human soul is known only to its author, and it will be revealed only at the author's whim. 

Rosie learnt that very hard lesson when all the castles she'd built in the sky with Phakamani came crashing down. She learnt in the worst way possible that there will be no evangelism missions in the heart of Africa, and there will be no happily-ever-after with Phakamani. She came to the hard knowledge that Phakamani is a con, a murderer, and the worst of all, he had not been saved or redeemed. 

Now that Rosie knows who the real Phakamani is, will she go on a witchhunt for him or cut her losses, move on and start again? Tune in to Saints and Sinners this coming Sunday to find out.