Saints and Sinners: Smoke and Mirrors

16 January 2017
Is Boni the subject of David's academic research, or of his affection?

Boniswa, for all her smarts, cannot be considered a good judge of character. Perhaps a drawback of being pure of heart is that it's that much easier to have the wool pulled over one's eyes. Mamohato spun her web so tightly and elaborately around her deliacte daughter's very delicate heart, she still struggled to see thre truth of her mother's tarnished character, right up to the moment she was shown video evidence of her sin. And even then, she still didn't want to see her mom behind bars, while her stoic sister Phindi was hell-bent of making sure it happens.

So perhaps the young journalism ingenue is oblivious to the potential rabbit-hole that might be opening right in front of her feet. David, her young and charming lecturer, has taken a keen interest in young Boni, but only as a research subject - so he claims. So commited is he to his  subject, and the cause of Boni's success as a journalism student, that he is willing to walk  through the valley of the shadow of death to keep her safe, and make sure no one takes advantage of her. 

But is that really the extent of David's interest in Boni? Is asking her to address him as "David" and not the acceptable and appropriate "Sir" not inching too close to the line between what is proper and what is too familiar? 

To see what could possibly be brewing between Boni and Sir David, tune in to Saints and Sinners on Sunday at 20:00

Is Boni the subject of David's academic research, or of his affection?