Saints and Sinners: Redemption

13 March 2017
The battle may have raged on, but the truth finally emerged victorious.
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It's easy to confuse love and infatuation. The giddy feelings, lovesickness from not seeing the object of your affections, thoughts of happily ever after that can't possibly go wrong. But when the veil of infatuation is lifted, what's left is the stark realisation that one can be so very wrong about how they feel.

Boni thought she had met her soulmate in David. A magnetic force pulled them together, and try as hard as they did to fight it, the attraction was so strong, they succumbed to it. Things, however, tend to look very different in the sobering light of day. Once they gave full release to the raging desires within them, they got caught, and realised just how much was at stake.

Boni was presented with a choice: tell the truth about what had happened between her and David and save the reputation of the man she once claimed to be besotted with; or lie, and protect her own good-girl reputation. It dragged in and she suffered from a crisis of conscience, but in the critical moment, she came out with the truth, and David was exonerated.Β