Saints and Sinners: Blessed

23 January 2017
While Phakamani was being blessed with prayer, Khethiwe received blessings of another kind.

Life, if anything, is a pilgrimage of the soul. Each is on the journey to finding peace, contentment, purpose. Each must make decisions along the way that will serve this higher purpose. Every soul's journey is unique, and along the way will encounter people that will either be an aide, or a stumbling block, and must choose whether ot not to open their hands to receive, or clench it to reject. 

Khethiwe was faced with such a decision when she was introduced to a dark world that she would have been oblivious to otherwise. Longing to cement her place in the student social strata as one of the "cool kids", she encountered and hitched her wagon to unsavoury company, with morally abhorrent tastes. The veil of innocence was removed from her, the apple dangled in front of her, and she stretched forth her hand, received, and took a bite. 

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In another part of town, a soul that had been damned to hell had a divine visitation and a chance to find redemption. Phakamani got a visitor purporting to be a messenger of God, sent to help him atone for his sins. When you've danced with the devil for too long, it's near impossible to let angels cut in, but this particular angel pierced through Phakamani's stoic, stone-hard soul and reached right within. They began to pray, but righteous zeal bore a striking resemblance to the bizarre. Why did that prayer session look so strange?

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