Saints and Sinners: All that Glitters

30 January 2017
Is Phakamani really saved, or is he pulling the wool over everyone's eyes?
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It's not unusual for someone meet God on the road to Damascus and have a true conversion. It's not unheard of that one who once breathed murderous threats can become a defender of all this righteous and good. So when Phakamani met Rosie and claimed to have found the Lord and changed, it didn't take much for Mamohato to believe him. After all, he cried salty tears of regret and repentance; tears Mamohato wiped away from his cheeks and allowed to owash over her soul. She extended her forgiveness. Phakamai had been so sincere, hadn't he?

For the first time in a long time Mamohato was able to lay her head down and really sleep. For the longest time, Phakamani had robbed her of her sleep. Thoughts of him finding her and exerting revenge had kept her awake, kept her paranoid, kept her jumpy. It was a miracle! Phakamani had given his soul to the Lord and surrendered all desires to avenge himself. How ironic, then, that while Phakamani gave a spirited, fiery sermon, Mamohoto and Ndumi's shack succumbed to a raging fire. Surely the two aren't connected? Surely Phakamani had become too righteous for such a devilish move? 

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