Romance and action combined on DStv and Showmax

13 February 2022
It’s Valentine’s Week and we’ve got everything from romance to action or both in one if that's what you're into.
valentines day moodboard 2022 watch on dstv and showmax

#TheWifeShowmax season 2 – Thursday 17 February

Season 1 of the hit telenovela left us on a cliff-hanger with the Zulu brothers breaking Zandile out of prison. Did they get away with it? Can Nkosana pick up on love where they left off before she want to prison.

One thing about #TheWifeShowmax is that it will serve romance and action and we just can’t wait to eat it all up in season 2 starting this Thursday. If you just can't wait, you can watch season 1 on Showmax because it was so nice you've got to see it twice. 

The Republic – Sundays at 20:00 

Call it love or lust, there are so many intersecting relationsa and relationships on #TheRepublicMzansi. One thing you are guaranteed is the element of danger, intrigue and thrill. What's even better is that you can watch The Republic on DStv and Showmax. 

Mzali Wami – Mondays at 20:00

Now that we know Lungelo cannot be trusted we are very fearful for Iminathi who he seems to have taken a liking to. He has pulled all the professional stops to lure her into his web and she may even betray her love, Musa. The danger and the romance and the passion are just too much for us but you’ll love watching it on Mzali Wami season 2 every Monday at 20:00.

DiepCity – Monday to Friday at 20:30

Not quite the action you’re used to but if you’re anti-romance or like your romance with a little bit of drama and fighting, then tune into DiepCity every Monday to Friday at 20:30. Nox and Lerato, our best friends forever, seem to be into the same man and we don’t know how that is going to play out but it’s giving broken friendships and drama.

The Queen – Monday to Friday at 20:30

Love and danger mixed up together is #TheQueenMzansi’s speciality. The Khozas have just discovered that Olerato’s boyfriend Khumo is a Sebata and needless to say Brutus already has him in a chokehold, literally. Tune in this week to see if Olerato and Khumo’s love can survive drugs, guns and family feuds.

If typical romance is not  your thing and you like to add a little danger to it, we’ve got you covered with this action packed romantic line up.