Rockville Season 3: Out with a bang!

31 March 2015
Rockville Season 3: Out with a bang! Image : 370

Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen the the gripping season finale of Rockville season 3. There were shocking revelations, moments of nailbiting tension, and a hair-raising cliffhanger moment that had people hoping that wasn’t the end. This is what some of you had to say about the final episodes:

A father’s grief at the loss of the apple of his eye has no end, and also knows no moral bounds. At the loss of his doting daughter to drugs, Diliza took on one mission: to avenge her life and made everybody who had a hand in her death pay a precious price. Daughter for daughter. He wouldn’t stop until he’d got more than his pound of flesh.

Rockville has been an outstanding production and many of you have made mention of its excellent standard and are hoping to see more of the characters and answer the many questions the final episode of the season had left.

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