The Road: The witness stand

29 March 2016
The Road: The witness stand Image : 905
So Zoe is closer than ever to her goals. Now Zakes’ new wife, Bambatha is as good as in the bag for this particular villain. After another attempt to murder Salome failed, she resorted to drugging her on her death bed, in order to keep her from telling Zakes the truth. But how long can she keep getting away with it?

Gogo in trouble

Not for long, if Liyana and Bheki have any part to play in it. Back at home Gogo has far too much dirt on her while Scara, Queen and even Bab’Themba’s suspicions about her are growing. With all the lies and murder it looks like she failed to cover all her tracks. But who is going to expose her?

The closest person to Gogo at the moment, Bab’Themba couldn’t be closer to the very source of the truth if he tried. It’s as if he and Queen have the key in their hands, except they don’t see it that. They’re also struggling to trust Gogo’s word buried under her troubled mental state. If only they knew that Gogo’s rants were far from far fetched.

While Bab’Themba and Queen continue to second guess Gogo, Liyana and Bheki are convinced that Zoe is a liar and a murderer. For Liyana it’s a case of no smoke without fire and, based on a strong gut feeling, signs all over as well as a shoddy betrayal of her cousin, Bheki, it’s clear that Zoe is hiding a whole lot.

Mission expose her

After getting his own hands burnt, Bheki is one of the strongest candidates to expose Zoe. He was an unfortunate pawn in her game, but contemptibly, after she framed him and made him look a fool, no one is willing to believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

Salome ‘coulda, shoulda and woulda’. But her story went from under control to tragic the moment she decided to take Kingdom on by herself. Zoe emerged out of the wood work, as a stroke of bad luck.

Drugged and silenced

Not only was she secretly sabotaging all efforts to bring Kingdom down but she’s wiped away Salome’s memory using a popular date rape drug. While she doesn’t know the whole story but we’re sure the put the pieces together by now.

Will she ever remember anything? Do Bheki and Liyana have a strong enough case? Can somebody hear Gogo out already?

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