The Road: A traitor’s taste of power

24 March 2016
The Road: A traitor’s taste of power Image : 902
Styles’ death may have come as a shock to many but sadly, not to all. It certainly wasn’t a blow to Kortes, who was more than a friend and something of a right hand man. In fact, for this traitor, Styles’ unforeseen death was part of the plan.

A change of plans

When selling his friend out came tasseled to a neat reward, Kortes didn’t waste much time plotting with the enemy for the demise of Kofifi’s finest former boxer and leader of the Cowboys. Dirty cop De Kock sold him a new dream and the chance to be the boss. Kortes’ had an insatiable hunger and weakness for power so he was an easy target for De Kock’s plans.

Power corrupts absolutely

Kofifi was under close scrutiny after being identified as a candidate for the slum clearance programme. All that the people of Kofifi had to do was keep the streets safe and clean in order for the town council to reconsider the forced removals. But De Kock was in favour of the removals because he stood to gain from it.

Who’s the rat?

The only solution for a corrupt cop like him was to secretly run a smear campaign against Sophiatown. One that would tarnish its image and sabotage their chances. Since gangsterism was the real crux of Kofifi’s problems, De Kock seeded in the Hyenas to cause trouble while promising Kortes power if he killed Styles.

This of course, turned the place upside down.

Kortes finally pulled it off, pulled the trigger and continues to cripple all plans towards the Kofifi movement. He’s inducted himself the leader of the Cowboys and is seething at the mouth with greed. But will De Kock deliver on his promises or is all a trap?

Found dead

And how long will it take before Kofifi finds out that he is Styles murderer?

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