The Road: A shows about a show that gave us a show!

01 April 2016
The Road: A shows about a show that gave us a show! Image : 918
It’s been a ride like no other. A proudly South Africa “whodunit” telenovela with a special homegrown nuance. The Road opened us up to two very different worlds that lived behind of and in front of the camera. The one layered with murder mystery after the other and the other a melting pot of culture and South African history.

Both worlds told the story of love gone terribly wrong as greed took over it’s place, as it often does.

Everyone knows about Sophiatown. The multiracial township phenomenon that shaped our history as we’ve come to know it. A place where culture met activism. This was where Stella, a talented song bird whose grace preceded her, would meet and fall in love with Themba Mashinini.

Their romance wasn’t an easy one though. He eventually put his foot in it too many times for Stella. But Styles also fell for Stella. Their love story became the heart of the whole beautiful and sordid tale.

There were many priceless moments that had us reeling for more. Here’s a pick of some highlights along the road!

It was tragic moment when Mayor found Styles dead and unaccounted for in an alley.

Bab’Themba finally finds Stella, who’s been right under his nose.

Zoe’s lies come to an end

And finally a throwback of note, who can forget the hair raising Fickson Katanga? Especially when he was dealing with sly guy Silas!

If we weren’t spellbound by Stella’s beauty and grace, we were perched at the edge of Silas’ nail biting predicaments. We’re sure you had special moments of your own so hit us up and share your memories!

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