The Road: Home wreckers’ pact

04 December 2015
The Road: Home wreckers’ pact Image : 734

When a troubled person like Kedi doesn’t like you, she’ll walk past you in the corridors as if you didn’t exist. Everyone knows she doesn’t like Zokthula, but the difference, it seems, is that she may view her as a threat, more than anything else. As the lead actress and the late boss’ fiancé, she walks about the set with a sense of entitlement that’s impossible to miss.

It all started back in the days of Zwelakhe. When he paid Zoe attention, laying the old charm on thick and even flirting with the girl, every so often. This not only raised various brows around the set but it sent Kedi’s radars beserk. In her eyes, Zwelakhe wasn’t at fault, it was Zoe. She clearly had more to gain from sleeping with the boss.

Since then, with not many on her side and a moderate self-esteem, Zoe’s been called every name in the book. But mostly, people feel sorry for Zoe. Having lost her parents, a demented grandparent and a younger cousin to support can’t be easy on her.

But amidst all the gossip about her, Bheki came into her life. A hardworking man with principles to stand by her side. Someone she could finally trust. This is when their love story took foot. It hasn’t been easy. In a short space of time, a lot has tested their relationship.

What started as a mischievous pact between friends for Bandile, was really a platform for Kedi to belittle Zoe and hit her where it hurt the most.

Bandile developed a conscience and decided against getting Zoe into bed but Kedi saw it through to the bitter end.

Will Bheki and Zoe survive this test though?

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