Rhythm World speaks out on Umkhokha outrage.

12 October 2021
Umkhokha Executive Producer assures Mzansi Magic viewers and Shembe Church members that this is a work of fiction.
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Following the premiere of Umkhokha there have been concerns by Ebuhleni Shembe Church that some of the scenes in the drama are depicting the church in a bad light by focusing more on the leadership disputes.

Mandla KaNozulu, the Executive Producer of Umkhokha wants to assure Mzansi Magic viewers and the members of the church that this is a work of fiction.

“ The show is about two families at war. It will open up a world of dynamic views and it's simply about different families at war,” says KaNozulu.

We urge the members of Ebuhleni Shembe Church or any other party concerned about the show to watch the full scenes. With that said, we encourage South Africans to cherish and understand the value of arts and creative freedom. Umkhokha features industry heavyweights such as Sthandiwe Kgoroge, Linda Sokhulu,  Sibonile Ngubane, Deli Malinga, Nay Maps alongside others.

 Umkhokha airs on Mzansi Magic, DStv 161, Sundays  at 8 pm. Join in on the conversation by using the hashtag #Umkhokha , you can also catch up on episodes week by week using  the DStv App.