Review: We brought the 80s back!

05 October 2015
Tears, drama and ultimately, a celebration of music
Review: We brought the 80s back! Image : 650

This Sundy, our Idols Top 8 pulled out all the stops in a concerted bid to win the hearts of fans across Mzansi and get them voting!

The show kicked off in grand style, with our Idols collaborating for a memorable collaboration with 80s superstar Jennifer Rush. Dressed in all black, the Top 9 whipped out the moves and held their own during their performance of Rush’s hit “The Power Of Love”.

Holding their own

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Once the last note had been sung, our Top 8 headed to the VIP Room to await their fate. First to be taken out of his misery was Loyiso, who quickly headed to the stage and sang Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. And what a way to kick off the live performances this was! Unathi was not shy to let the 16-year-old know exactly how amazing he is. “You fulfil what an artists purpose is, You managed to always show us your soul,” she said with a huge smile plastered on her face. Randall agreed 100 percent with Unathi’s assertions. “The song was perfect for you. That performance was absolutely top level,” he said, eyes hidden behind dark rockstar shades.

Your votes also secured Amanda a spot in the Top 8. To celebrate her coup, Amanda sang Joy’s 1980 hit, “Paradise Road”. Her performance seemed to hit the right note with our judges. “That was a beautiful delivery. I’m sure you’re not going anywhere,” Gareth told her, while Randall weighed in with a heartfelt “I just discovered what a great singer you are, Forgive me,” Randall told her.

Lungisa won hearts instantly with his rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time”. Somizi  threw the entire theatre into raucous laughter with his offbeat comment following Lungisa’s performance. “You sound like stolen condensed milk from the tin. Smooth and creamy”.

Siphelele’s performance elicited some spirited debate from the judges, who had differing opinions about what they had just heard. While Gareth thought Siphelele’s rendition of Lionel Richie’s “Say You, Say Me” was not powerful enough and Somizi expressed how the KZN native should stick to singing vernacular songs going forward, Unathi  disagreed. “I loved it. Who are we to tell to not even try?”.

One singer the judges didn’t have to fight about is Rhema. His rendition of If You Don’t Know Me By Now” by Simply Red went down a treat. “You have one of the most unique voices we’ve ever heard in this competition,” Gareth said, while Somizi wrapped it up with a spirited “Woooo shem!”

Dineo also impressed, even though Gareth thought she managed to pull through only during the last verse and chorus. “Beautiful performance though,” he told her. Somizi was as equally impressed and told the pint-sized vocalist “You gave Bryan Adams’ Heaven so much colour”.

Karabo was next to earn a spot in he Top 8 and proceeded to the State Theatre stage to sing George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”. Gareth thought the performance didn’t connect. Unathi on the other hand thought it was sensual and sad in the perfect way.

Mmatema and Elwira were the last two on the Ford Hot Seat. The tension was evident as both talents awaited their fate. Mmatema fell to her knees as soon as ProVerb announced that she was safe. The Limpopo girl then headed to centre stage to sing Brenda Fassie’s “Weekend Special” which impressed the judges. “You’ve just shown you can do different styles,” Randall told her, while Gareth also piled on the praise. “What a way to end the show,” he exclaimed. Our guest mentor Jennifer Rush then closed things off with a stunning performance of her hit, “Ring of Ice”.

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