Isibaya Review: Phumelele gets up to mischief

20 September 2014
Isibaya Review: Phumelele gets up to mischief Image : 57

Phumelele finally found herself in Joburg this week as per Gogo Mkhithi's orders. Although she told Siphokazi before she left that she really is not a fan of Joburg, she seems to have made a rather quick adjustment, which included sleeping in Sengwayo's bed. As you can imagine Gogo Mkhithi was none too pleased and who would have thought she was such a rebel? But then again, she is his wife, is it so wrong? However, there's another twist, Phumelele's presence in Mphiyake's bed seemed to have suppressed Mgijimi, is her lying next to him a solution, long term?We now turn to Iris and Khanyi, surprise, surprise, Khanyi's first day was not great but then again, how would you feel working under the beady eyes of Iris? It looks like this relationship has been strained from the start, this kitty fight waiting to happen would be a wonder to watch. Think again though, there might not be one, these two seemed to have claimed common ground in the form of a distaste for the Zungus.Then there was Zweli who found himself in the capable hands of Mandla, hang on, did we say capable? Well anyhow, he found himself being shown the taxi business ins and outs by Mandla and things got off to a shaky start as Mandla was not impressed with Zweli's new-school approach, like using a computer for example. Bless you Mandla!

Mandla didn't let his 'helpful attitude' stop him at just teaching Zweli the ropes, no sirree, he wants to help find the Chief a wife... no, we couldn't stop laughing either!

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