Reunited and it feels so good – Mzali Wam

23 March 2021
After years of being apart, Joyce is finally reunited with her daughter and Mzansi loves it.
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It seemed Sibongile would have the last laugh. Ntokozo was convinced that Joyce had thrown her in a bin at Park Station and left her for dead. However, Qiniselo’s one good deed has brought mother and daughter together.

With Qiniselo’s confession that he had left Joyce for a second wife just days after Ntokozo’s birth, the truth came to light and set Joyce free. Finally, the daughter she had longed for for over two decades knew that her mother had never stopped loving and longing for her.

With Qiniselo’s confession and revelation about Ntokozo also being kidnapped, Joyce has both the truth and Ntokozo on her side. Ntokozo is ready to face the woman who lied to her for 20 years of her life and we are all waiting to see if Sibongile ill fight or run.

For now, Mzansi is enjoying seeing mother and daughter reunited, and it feels so good.

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