Isibaya: Recurring memories, split loyalties

07 July 2017
Sihle's memory comes full circle.

The thing that we’ve all feared has come to pass. Well, specifically, the thing that the Ndlovus feared. KaMajola and Samson were content in a belief, after colluding with Sihle to kill uMum’Ndlunkulu, that Sihle’s memory of that whole sordid affair was dead and buried. The plan was to keep Sihle’s mouth shut via a memory-erasure curse conducted by Nkabinde, but as it turns out, the ban was not full proof.

In drips and drabs and lucid dreams the events that led to her expulsion from royalty and thrown behind bars, were slowly but surely unpacked. She was eventually able to connect the dots back to the beginning and the answers of ‘who played what role’ became clear as day. This spelled much trouble for the Gatshenis.

From where they stood, if Sihle remembered their part in plan they were as good as exposed for the criminals they are. According to them, Sihle knew too much and they couldn’t risk her coming out with the whole truth. Samson decided that she had to be killed and disposed of sooner rather than later.

But Sihle was now ahead. Her memory clearer than ever she was in a position of power and planned accordingly. While there was a hit on her life, she was going to come out on the other side with the upper hand, over her dead body or not.

Needless to say, the plan fell flat on it’s face with Mandla appointed the killer. To be fair on on Bafo, the plan was over before it even began.  

Is it all the way up for Sihle now?

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