The real answers lie within in Please Step In season three

12 July 2016
The real answers lie within in Please Step In season three Image : 1014

One of Mzansi Magic’s favourite ‘emotainment’ series, Please Step In returns tonight, and host Angie Diale aims to be more probing of families this time round.

The popular series focusses on helping families resolve challenges with a particular member of the group. Central to what is designed to be a healing process, is the role of clear communication, facilitated by trained counselor Angie Diale, as they work to restore harmony and hope to their troubled relationships. Serious issues covered in the series include: strained family ties, anti-social behaviour, violence, alcoholism, and substance abuse, among others.

On what viewers can expect in the upcoming season Angie Diale commented, “I am very excited about this season – we’ve already shot a few episodes and this year is definitely about ‘self-challenging’. Participants need to look deep within, and truly test themselves in changing their situations for the better. It’s also exciting to see how in today’s context, a platform like Please Step In is able to make a meaningful change and open different doors in people’s lives.”

Families looking to be part of the show can email [email protected] or call 011 446 7000.

Catch Please Step In season three on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) from Tuesday, 12 July at 8PM.

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