Rainbow and Test spill the tea on dating – S’jola Sonke

26 April 2023
They are all in and didn’t hold anything back when asked about their take on navigating multi-partners relationships.
S'jola Sonke Rainbow and Test article

They are seen as the epitome of  S’jola Sonke because of how open they are to the process. They entered the scene and didn’t hold back and it’s been uphill since, from Rainbow giving anyone a chance to Test getting to know more people in the house now. 

While most people are quick to side-eye the way that they choose to live their lives, they are bold about it and not in the business of not following their hearts. Here’s more on that.

What would make you swipe right (accepting) on a dating profile?

Rainbow and Test: 

- Open Mindedness

- Bubbly and spontaneuos

- Loving,kind and spiritually grounded

What would make you swipe left (rejecting)?

Rainbow and Test: 

- Lack of hygiene

- Negative mindset

- Aggresive personality

How will you deal with the social stigma of being in a polyamorous relationship?

Rainbow and Test: We don't care about stigmas.

Will your perception of gender roles change with more partners?

Rainbow and Test: No, all genders are equal in our perspective.



What does mjolo wa nyesa mean for you?

Rainbow and Test: Nothing,we have never experienced mjolo in a bad way.

What would be the dealbreaker in a multi-partner relationship?

Rainbow and Test: Lies and deception.

What's your one rule after adding a partner to the relationship?

Rainbow and Test:  No lies.

What would be the benefit to having a multi-partner relationship?

Rainbow and Test: No experimentation and exploration.

Is adulting more complicated with multi partners in a relationship?

Rainbow and Test: Not sure , yet to find out.

Does one need a bigger budget?

Rainbow and Test: No everyone must be self sustained in order to contribute as a team. 


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