Quotes we love from our Clash of the Choirs SA faves

21 November 2023
Dropping bars.
Clash of the Choirs SA

There’s no doubt that this season of Clash of the Choirs SA boasts a lot of wisdom and musicality from our choirmasters, our judges, and the inspiring band. We have learnt so much through their insights and nuggets, we feel like we have a seat at the table with SA's best producers. Here are some of the things they said that have inspired us and helped us understand how these creatives are fuelled. 

“Be yourself, so that you get the prize for being yourself.” – Lady Du 

Everyone who has watched Lady Du shine knows she embodies authenticity in every project she partakes in. As the queen of a bold genre (amapiano), she knows being true to you is key to longevity in this game. 

“That's the thing about choirs, it's about finding a way to share a voice.” – Langa Mavuso

Langa Mavuso began his journey in the City of Diamonds, Kimberley, and through his search he came across very talented singers. But his main process when selecting his team was identifying members who would be able to share a voice, a stage, and every aspect of this competition together.

“The choirs blending into each other without outshining one another, this is what a choir needs to sound like.” – Buhlebendalo 

Coming from a musical group herself, Buhlebendalo knows what it's like to shine together but still allow your own talent to grow and rise to the occasion. The trick is to shine at the right moments and octaves. 

“There's always a challenge, and they have to live up to it”. – Bontle Modiselle 

As a host, Bontle Modiselle has had a front-row seat to the highs and lows of the competition and this phrase definitely sums up Clash of the Choirs SA season 4. Every week we’re excited to see our choirs rise to the occasion and live up to the demands of each challenge.

“This competition is like a trajectory and some choirs may have peaked early.” – Stoan Seate 

This quote by the North West choirmaster, Stoan, is dropping bars about the unpredictability of the competition. His game plan is always to go in better than you were the previous week and we can appreciate this in the world of the arts. 

“The hardest part of the challenges is paying attention to the minute details in the music. Finding spaces you can amplify and making the transition seamless.” – Zādok  

Zādok is one of Mzansi's most established producers and his contribution to the season has been so inspiring. We love how he guides the choirs and also lets the audience in on what needs to be achieved with each challenge. He gives us insight into how harmonising is only the first step in a competition of this calibre. 

“The goal is to be innovative and fresh without losing the originality of the song.” – DJ Sabby

DJ Sabby, our seasoned host, knows a thing or two about keeping it fresh. And if there’s one thing our choirs have to do, is remain top of mind. #TeamKhanyisa has bagged the “Storytellers” title of the season for this reason, while #TeamNtencane continues to be praised for their interesting interpretations.

Clash of the Choirs SA airs every Sunday at 18:00 on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161), with episodes also available on DStv Stream. Find us on Facebook, X, Instagram, and TikTok. Join the conversation using #COTCSA.