QUIZ: Which Diski Diva is most like you?

27 July 2017
You may have a diva you love most, but which one's personality is most like yours? Take the quiz to find out!
diski divas

The Diski Divas have hit our screens with a bang. You may have your firm favourite clearly defined. But which diva is most like you? Find out on our quiz!

1. What is your response to meeting new people for the first time? 

A. I always bring my best friend to have my back when meeting any new people. With her, I know I'll have a great time. 

B. I look forward to meeting new people and want to know their story. 

C. I sit quietly alone and read the environement and people first. It take me time to get to know people. 

D. I sit alone quietly, but in no time I'll make a friend and be chatting all day!

E. I am generally a person who gets along with people so I just wait to see how I'll get along with who I meet. 


2. How do you handle an argument with someone you don't know very well?

A. I stand my ground and state the facts. People think they know everything about me, but I tell my own story. 

B. There are two sides to a story, so I listen to the other party, put my own view across and resolve things that way. 

C. I have a sharp wit and bite. If needs be, I handle my own in argument but I also avoid disagreements with silly people. 

D. I take all arguments head on. I'm not scared of anyone, especially if my best friend is there. 

E. People will always have something to fight about. I can speak up for myself, but I try not to take those things to heart. 


3. How easily do you open up emotionally to new people?

A. I choose carefully who I open up to, just ask don't assume. 

B. It's important to share our stories with each other, that way we grow as people. 

C. I work on a strictly need to know basis. All the people that need to know my business, know it. 

D. I have nothing to hide and I'm very confident. If I feel comfrotable, I can open up. 

E. I love helping other people by hearing what their going through, it will take a little more for me to open up. 


4. Which Diski Diva do you identify with?

A. Thato

B. Thandeka

C. Kia

D. Sibongile

E. Chabi


5. Which of these combinations best describes you?

A. Fighter, fearless, ambitious 

B. Growth, harmony, businesswoman

C. Stong, confident, resilient

D. Feisty, home-maker, mother and power player

E. Care-free, loveable, focused



Mostly A's:

You are similar to Thato. You own your story and you're not afrain to tell it. You don't let people make assumptions about you and you're willing to stand your ground. 

Mostly Bs:

You are similar to Thandeka. You are wise and like to push people to grow as you do yourself. 

Mostly C's:

You are similar to Kia. You are strong and confident and choose your friends carefully. 

Mostly D's:

You are similar to Sibongile. You are fesity and face your challenges and challengers head-on. 

Mostly E's:

You are similar to Chabi. You are easy to get along with but are not to be taken lightly as you are also very strong. 

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