QUIZ: What kind of bride/groom are you?

29 March 2017
Are you the doting wife, bridezilla, groomzilla or care-free soon to be newly wed! Take our quiz to find out!

Weddings, being the big celebration that they are, are a natural source of stress. It's a life-changing event that can bring out the worst and the best in the people involved. Some brides and grooms are bridezilla/groomzilla, some are doting partners, others are easy-going and others have everything planned to the last detail. Which one are you? Find out in our quiz! 


1. Your partner has just proposed to you and you've said yes! What is the first thing you do?

a. Call my best friend to share the good news! Obviously! 

b. Do an in-depth analysis of the ring, including getting a valuation, to see if it is really the one I wanted and how much it cost. 

c. Call up my dream wedding venue which is usually booked 2 years in advance to confirm the booking I made when my partner and I first started dating. I just knew we would get married!

d. Read up on how to stay happily engaged while planning a wedding, how to have a happy marriage, get us checked in for marriage counselling, and also google a checklist for planning a wedding. 


2. You are meeting your wedding planner for the first time. What do you do?

a. Tell him/her how absolutely excited and in love I am with my partner!

b. Ask her why he/she does not have a portfolio of her work ready for me to see what she can do and offer us. Who cares if its the first meet and greet. Actually I don't like the way he/she is looking at my partner. 

c. Take out my wedding scrapbook, complete with colour, material and scent samples for the wedding. The planner just has to execute on what I have already meticulously planned and try not to ruin any of it. 

d. Check out her references and performace indicators. Also ask questions about everything she says to see if we could actually work together given who I am and who she is. 


3. Your bridesmaids are not quite happy with the dress designs you have chosen for them for the wedding. What do you do?

a. Sit down with them and talk about what they would also like. They are all so excited for me and I can't wait to tell them about what my partner has done for me lately. It's like we just keep falling deeper and deeper in love.

b. My wedding, my rules!! This wedding is a dictatorship, not a team sport. They will wear what I say they should.

c. Complaints? I don't do complaints. The bridesmaids have 3 different dress designs to choose from which are each within the theme of the wedding. Each design has been selected with their body type in mind. The colour suits everyones skin tone. Trust me, everyone is happy.  

d. Sit down with each bridesmaid to discuss what the issues might be. Then take the information to make an informed decision. I may not change my mind completely but I am open to their concerns as my friends. 


4. Your partner tells you they are having cold feet about the wedding and marriage. 

a. That is normal, I am a little nervous too. Just give them a little space and break from the wedding planning and focus on each other. 

b. Cold feet had better get them down that aisle. I ain't playing! Otherwise....NEXT!

c. This has already been accounted for. Partners usually get cold feet around 6 months to wedding date. I already have a list of things to do to ease their stress and also make sure we do not fall behind on wedding planning. 

d. Oh lawd! This is a bad omen. What if it means they don't want to get married at all. I will read a million articles on what cold feet really means, try to pry what the problem is out of them and try not to gain weight from comfort eating for the stress.


5. Your seamstress says you have gained 10kg since the last fitting and its already 2 weeks before the wedding. You don't fit into your wedding gown. What do you do? 

a. We will just have to find a way to make the dress bigger. I gain weight when I am happy!

b. Her fault. She should have told me it did not stretch. She needs to fix it and make sure I don't look bigger or I will take my business elsewhere. 

c. Please! Ain't nobody gaining weight. I have been on the 12-month weight management plan for a brides. I look like a vision. 

d. Starve. 


6.  Your wedding planner has made a double booking and on wedding day, tells you she does not have the Tiffany chairs you wanted as they are at the other wedding. 

a. What chairs does she have? Let's just use those. We can't let chairs get in the way of our happiness. 

b. Did the other wedding pay for Tiffany chairs? If not, I get a truck and we fetch MY chairs from the other wedding. Otherwise, somebody in this wedding better have those chairs or something way better. 

c. No problem. I have ordered plan B Tiffany chairs for just this and any gatecrashers who make it past security. Can't have any mistakes, i have drones filming the wedding from all angles. 

d. Breathe. I think I just had a minor heart episode. No, it's major. Full on heart attack!! I should have known when she showed me heliothrope coloured serviettes instead of the Psychedelic purple I asked for that she would make this mistake. Not all purples are created equal! I will go to the hospital later, right now I have to comb the whole of the city, province, country to find those Tiffany chairs. No! I do not want chiavari chairs!


7. It's the wedding day and you partner is not answering their phone. You are already waiting at the venue. What do you do?

a. Their always late! I'm sure they will be here any minute. Gives me more time to look even better. 

b. When I get my hands on them, there is going to be serious trouble. I am officially angry on my wedding day. 

c. My partner seems to be held up at the best friend's place. I know this because I had a tracking device fitted onto their car, cellphone and watch which they never leave without. Probabaly just gettng ready. Also, I have a team of friends informing me of their whereabouts. 

d. Everybody get out your cell phone out and call! A  search party needs to be assembled and then broken up to go to all the places they could be. They could be hurt, maybe the ex came back and kidnapped him, maybe they changed their mind. Find them!


8. Your in-laws don't seem to like you. What do you do?

a. I talked to my partner about it who said they take a while to warm up to people, they will come around eventually.

b. I'm in. Their out. Who cares? I will address those who actually have something to say to my face. 

c. His mother loves orchids and tea in the morning, the father is an Orlando Pirates fan and i have already got him tickets to the derby, the sister loves Beyonce...concert anyone? Basically, it's handled. They will love me, if they don't already. 

d. Try to analyse each ones potential personality type to understand the underlying issues for them not liking me. Once I have all that information together, I will have an in-depth understanding of what each one needs to get over to accept me. 


9. The bridal shower/bachelorette party/bachelor party your friends have thrown you is not quite what you wanted. What do you do?

a. I love it! It's the thought that counts. 

b. Do-over! And they better get it right the second time because we are already 2 weeks from the wedding date. 

c. I planned my own bridal party, bridal tea and bachelorette party. All perfect!

d. I guess it's the thought that counts. But I may drop some hints so that my future baby shower is a whole lot better. Now, to find the best way to hint without offending. 



Mostly A's: Doting bride

You are the dream bride or groom. You care more about the relationship than the weddings. You know that the although the wedding day is huge, most important is what you and your partner have afterwards. You are hopelessly in love. 

Mostly B's: Bridezilla/Groomzilla

You know what you want and you expect everyone to make it happen. You don't care what anyone else thinks and haven't noticed that all your family and friends have been walking on eggshells around you ever since you got engaged. 

Mostly C's: Planner

You don't miss a beat. You have been planning your wedding ever since you were a little child and have been saving for it ever since you got that part-time job in high school. Everything is under control. The wedding planner, is just for decoration. 

Mostly D's: Anxious bride or groom

You have been worrying ever since you got engaged. You are deliberative and like to have as much information as possible to make decisions. Sometimes, we don't get all the information we want and that makes you feel like you are not in control and things may go wrong. 

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