Pumla & Ngcingci

21 July 2017
Pumla and Ngcingci got paired on the show when Ngcingci’s former partner chose to partner with someone else. Pumla had been eliminated, but Ngcingci chose her as his new partner, bringing her back into the competition. The two claim to complement each other and work well with each other.
Phumla & Ngcingci

I Joined KFC Taste Kitchen Because...

Pumla: I love friend chicken.

Ngcingci: I love competing, and I’m hoping to get the kind of exposure that will give me opportunities that will change my life.

When Did You Discover Your Passion for Cooking?

Pumla: When I was a student at university in 1997.

Ngcingci: Also during my university days. I would cook for my roommates all the time without complaining, not caring that they didn’t care to return the favour because I enjoyed it that much

What Is Your Favourite Food on the KFC Menu?

Pumla: The Boxmaster and Zinger Wings.

Ngcingci: The original recipe chicken.

Describe Your Perfect Kitchen/Cooking Space

Pumla: My very own kitchen in my house right now is my idea kitchen.

Ngcingci: A spacious kitchen, big enough to accommodate all my guests as we enjoy good music and good food.

Words to Live By:

Pumla: Que sera sera, whatever will be will be.

Ngcingci: After all is said and done, it’s still a privilege to live.