Our Perfect Wedding: Unlikely love

12 April 2016
Our Perfect Wedding: Unlikely love Image : 933
Love is an elusive little thing. One can never know its schedule, its plans or estimated time of arrival. It seldom follows rules set by people, and oftentimes laughs in the face of convention. Love is a law unto its own.

For Sunday's Our Perfect Wedding bride Reitumetse, a trip to the local convenience store at a filling station to buy a humble R5 airtime voucher turned out to be a watershed moment in her life. And likewise for Philani, the down-on-his-luck businessman who played cashier to Tumi that day. A ordinary day for both of them turned out into a n extraordinary day in the story of their lives, and cupid struck them both.

Though the couple's love faced opposition due to the glaring age gap of 21 years, they remained steadfast in their determination to be together. Throughout the public scrutiny on their relationship, the slurs thrown at them, and having to start all over after Philani lost all he had in a bad stroke of luck, they remained together, they never left each other's side. Now that's a love story for the books.

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