Our Perfect Wedding: Against the odds

13 January 2016
Our Perfect Wedding: Against the odds Image : 768
On Sunday's Our Perfect Wedding, unlikely couple Lindiwe and Luwarn tied the proverbial knot. What makes them unlikely? Lindiwe is a self-confessed ghetto girl who enjoyed parties and didn't care too much for personal grooming before she met prim and proper, introverted gentleman Luwarn. But the recent divorcee was taken by the single of two, who was equally taken with him, against societal standards.

Luwarn was not shy to show the world how much he loves Lindiwe. As his new bride came down the aisle, he shed tears of joy, surprised that he took the marriage step again, despite swearing that he never would again.

Missed that beautiful moment? Check it out below.

Despite a budget issue that had the couple stressed out, everything came together and they had their perfect wedding, proving once again that true love always wins.

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