Our Perfect Wedding: Heavenly sent

05 April 2016
Our Perfect Wedding: Heavenly sent Image : 920
When Chris caught his first glimpse of Babalwa at a cultural day at church, he was immediately taken with her. And not surprisingly, his bride is breathtakingly beautiful. But with a strict ban on dating at their church, Chris had to find another way to get to know Babalwa to find out if she was the bone of his bone, sent straight from heaven to him.

As fate would have it, Chris and Babalwa found themselves as best man and maid of honour to a couple that wed, and Chris got his chance. Long hours working side-by-side and chats on long bus trips in preparation for the wedding proved to be the fertile ground on which the their own love seed would grow, and eventually bloom into a wedding of their own.

Babalwa won Chris over with her demure, caring nature, and he knew he had to wed that woman! Even though they were engaged, Babalwa couldn't shake calling Chris "Bhut' Chris" since that was convention at their church when addressing a brother in the Lord. Right up until the very moment before they were announced as man and wife, the Bhut' Chris name stuck. However, at the reception, Babalwa said goodbye to Bhut' Chris, and hello to "baby"!

All in all, a beautiful wedding, and Mzansi agrees!

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