Our Perfect Wedding: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

22 January 2015
Our Perfect Wedding: 5 Mistakes to Avoid Image : 236

Last week, when it looked like the arrangements for Litha and Bontle’s big day would not all come together in time, our groom admitted that perhaps he had made a mistake.

“It was not a wise thing to co-ordinate everything on my big day,” he said. After a long day of running around getting his suit, shoes and the rings, Litha arrived at the reception hall to find the draping had not been done. He soon realised that he should have asked for more assistance in organising his wedding.

Many couples have made mistakes in organising their big day. Here’s a list of common mistakes you should avoid when planning your, or a friend’s, wedding.


Make sure you stay on the same page as your partner

You want a huge wedding and he just wants a small ceremony for close friends and family. Your dream wedding might not be what your partner has in mind. Remember to discuss your ideas and what kind of day you want with your partner before anything else. Decide on who takes control of which part of the wedding planning and have regular updates to ensure everyone knows the plan.



Money Doesn't Buy Happiness

Draw up a budget right in the beginning of your wedding planning and stick to it. Make sure it includes all the small costs that may crop up. Just because it’s expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s the best. “My high-priced florist and band were awful: The band didn’t sing the songs on our list, and the florist, who was said to be a ‘celebrity floral designer,’ skipped meetings and showed up two hours late for setup. Meanwhile, the wedding coordinator and makeup guy I found online were fabulous—and they charged very reasonable rates,” says Michelle, a bride from New York.


Booking your venue early

Unless your wedding is going to be at your or your parents’ home, booking a venue is one of the first priorities when planning a wedding because most places fill up fast. Decide on how many people you will be inviting and find a venue that will cater for your guests


Garden wedding? Have a Plan B.

Garden weddings are fresh and gorgeous and, with the right weather, make for a perfect wedding. But what happens if the weatherman is not on your side? What happens if you wake up on the morning of your big day to dark and heavy clouds, or even worse, a rainstorm? Most venues have a rain plan so remember to ask about that. Whether it’s an alternative venue inside or a tent for shelter, a rain plan is essential.


Don't Overdo the Dieting

Brides are always worried their weight and if they will fit into their wedding gowns but don’t let this take over your life. You
still need a well balanced diet to give you energy for all the running around you’ll be doing. Like our host Tumi said, get a dress to fit your body instead of forcing your body to fit into a dress. Just commit to eating healthy and exercising and you will be just fine.


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