Perfect in Every Shade

29 May 2017
It was lavish and it was lovely. It was perfect!
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Innocent and Vincent's wedding was more than just a wedding, it was a spectacular. The couple are so sweet and unnassuming, one would never have guessed that their wedding would end up being so big and lavish. No expense was spared for their one-day celebration. 

Most couples choose to arrive at their wedding venue in a luxury set of wheels, but that would notbe enough for Innocent and Vincent, who descended from the skies in a helicopter, while their adoring fans, friends and family excitedly looked on, capturing the moment on the ir smartphones.


Small and intimate is not how this wedding could be described. Their 1500 guests included family, friends, church members, the mayor, and even chiefs! There isn't a wedding venue in existence that would cater for all of them, so the outdoor wedding and reception took place in a park which was littered with tents to cater for all the guests.

Each of the 1500 guests were catered for and entertained by traditional dancers. Just when everybody thought that was the extent to the extravagance, the father of the bride unveiled a wedidng gift to rival them all, a brand new set of wheels!

All in all, a beautiful. lavish, extravagant, perfect wedding!

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