Papa Penny's Love Gospel

16 February 2017
Roses are red, violets are blue. Bet you didn't know he's a romantic too!
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It's easy to mistake Papa Penny for a stoic, traditional man who's emotionally detached. He wants his lunch and dinner cooked, on time, by his wife, and no excuses will be tolerated. He's more than just the disco king of South Africa, he's the king of his castle and rules with an iron sceptre. Mamma Nommy knows what the rules in Gaza are, and feminism and 50/50 must be checked at the door. 

But Papa Penny can be compared to an onion, he's multi-layered, and when you peel away, underneath you will find a hopeless romantic who'se madly in love with his wife. The apron and knives swapped hands last night, as he planned and executed a romantic dinner for Mama Nommy. He enlisted the help of his son and created a love room atop his prized Gaza, where he served his wife all the delicacies he had slaved away on the stove to prepare. 

Well, Mama Nommy was left completely unhinged. Swept off her feet, all resistance crumbled. While she enjoyed the fruit of her husband's labor, Papa Penny dispensed some timeless advice on how to treat the lady in your life. 






Papa Penny, you romantic, you! Tune in again next week to watch the King of Gaza complete the lobola process and make Mama Nommy officially and completely his.