Papa Penny Ahee: Rich in Culture

23 February 2017
Mama Nommy's lobola ceremony shone the spotlight on Tsonga culture.
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South Africa is a melting pot of cultures and languages, and it's a beautiful thing when we get a glimpse into how each tribe celebrates their cultural traditions. Last night on Papa Penny Ahee, the spotlight was on Xitsonga culture thanks to the Nkovani's completing the lobola process and officially bringing Mama Nommy home as their bride.

The Nkovani delegation arrived at Mama Nommy's home, sat on the pavement, and coughed to signal their arrival. Even the bride herself learnt something new about her culture, as she didn't know what the coughing meant. We got to see her being dressed in Tsonga bridal garb, including the famed Xibelani skirt. It was a colourful, cultural and visual feast.  

Thank you, Papa Penny for showing us that all shades of Africa are beautiful!