Papa Penny Ahee: Kokwana's Smile

26 January 2017
Surrounded by all the people who love her, Kokwana rang in her 90th year in style.
Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 11.00.06 AM

Papa Penny is a world-renowned disco music icon, but he's also a softie at heart, and quite the trickster. He was not willing to let his mother's 90th birthday come and go without a huge celebration to honour her. After all, 90 is a big milestone that not many are blessed to see. But to pull off an epic surprise birthday party, Kokwana would have to be removed from the place of the action so she wouldn't suspect a thing.Β 

To pull it off, Papa Penny first took his mom to a spa for a full body massage, where she would get "ironed out". And even though the Western practice os massage was foreign to her, she took in the experience and left feeling refreshed and energised.

The elderly aren't as expressive as youngins, so even though Kokwana's face was deadpan when her grandkids all yelled "surprise", and she still gave no indication of any joy when happy borthday was being sung to her, there was a golden moment when Kokwana flashed a huge, toothy smile, and it became clear to all that she was thrilled.

What a valuable lesson Papa Penny Shaka Bundu taught us all. Honour your parens while they are still alive. Shower them with love, attention, and treat them every chance you get. Cheers to Papa Penny. Ahee!

Tune in to another entertaining and heartwarming episode of Papa Penny Ahee next week Wednesday at 20:00. Uzogcwala!Β