Our Perfect Wedding: Traditional is best

14 September 2015
Our Perfect Wedding: Traditional is best Image : 616

In an Our Perfect Wedding first, last night's couple were devout members of the Nazareth Baptist Church. Their traditional wedding was interesting and rich in culture, as they observed their church's customs for the nation to watch.

Since their church puts a ban on alcohol consumption of any kind, they were quite troubled at hearing that their fruit cake had brandy in it; meant to be a preservative, but used as an ingredient without their knowledge. Luckily, the groom had a sense of humour about the situation.

The couple was really disappointed by the service they were given by their vendors. The decor lady promised many a surprise, and she did deliver, but they weren't pleasant ones.

On the bright side, their traditional wedding was beautiful and rich. The bride wore a traditional attire meant for married women in the church, and with a song, a dance and the sound of vuvuzelas, they were wed according to their faith.