Our Perfect Wedding: So, when's the wedding?

07 May 2015
Our Perfect Wedding: So, when's the wedding? Image : 440
Your sweetheart has just popped the big question and you tearfully said yes and shared the rock on your Facebook account so all your friends, family and frenemies know you will not die a lonely old spinster. You've barely had time to catch your breathe and make a mental note to start calling your boyfriend your fiance when you get asked that pesky question by everybody in your life: "So, when is the wedding?"

The minute you get engaged, people expect you to have a wedding journal on hand to show them all your wedding ideas, samples and quotations, when really you just want to enjoy being someone's fiancee before you start diving into wedding preparations. How do you handle all that pressure and unsolicited advice about how winter weddings are in, and how you'll never find a suitable venue unless you start looking round that day? We've got tips for you.

1. Say you don't intend to get married
Seriously, do it. If you're a rebel bride with chutzpah, dare to tell everybody who asks you when the wedding is that you don't intend to get married, and that you and your fiancee are satisfied with the commitment you've made and don't need a document from Home Affairs to validate it. If you can keep the laughter in when you see their faces go deadpan in confusion, you'll have succeeded in warding off any more questions until you're ready to start planning.

2. Tell them you're still enjoying the moment
If you start to retell the story of the proposal while you gush and sigh, and then say you're still so lost in it that you'd like to just enjoy it before start looking to Pinterest for ideas, they'll also get lost in your narrative and forget the long list of questions and vendor numbers they had for you.

3. Elope
If you think your mom will ever forgive you, just elope. Take a drive to Home Affairs and sign all the documents; then attend an all-white party afterwards as your reception. That way, when you get back, you can confidently say, "We're already married!" Pesky questions averted.

4. Send a save-the-date
If you're not quite ready to shop for wedding stationery but want to avoid 101 questions, send an email save-the-date. It's inexpensive and all your family and friends will know when they can expect you to walk down the aisle, and they'll give you some breathing space.

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