Our Perfect Wedding: I got you, babe

09 February 2016
Our Perfect Wedding: I got you, babe Image : 818
Our Perfect Wedding on Sunday followed the love and wedding story of Sibongile and Lucky. They met 15 years ago at a shebeen. Ironic, because they both don't drink alcohol. Lucky rescued Lindiwe from a scary situation with a scaly character that she didn't want to talk to.

They've been through a lot together, and their relationship is quite unique. Sibongile is a straight talking, no holds barred lady and Lucky seems to always be placating his fiery bride.

Their wedding was quite entertaining. But most entertaining was the dance moves the bride and her bridesmaid pulled on wedding day. She showed off her exuberant personality and her don't care attitude. Sibongile was definitely not a shy, coy bride. She was determined to have her wedding her way.

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