Our Perfect Wedding Ep 4: In the driver's seat

27 April 2015
Our Perfect Wedding Ep 4: In the driver's seat Image : 423
On Sunday, reformed gangster David tied the knot to the woman who helped him get back on the straight and narrow, his sweetheart Dinah; a woman he described as having a good enough head on her shoulders to ground him and make him a family man.

The young and vibrant couple caused quite a stir with the cars they chose to incorporate in their wedding. The bride chose a vintage classic car to cart her round on her wedding day; and as on ode to David's fast tracked past, they also did some "spinning" of a BMW 3 series, or as it's called on the streets, a Gusheshe.

Another notable feature of the wedding were the couple's vows. Unwritten, unrehearsed, just off the cuff, from the heart and sincere.

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