Our Perfect Wedding Ep 4: Happy Ending

04 November 2015
Our Perfect Wedding Ep 4: Happy Ending Image : 689
Wedding planning is highly stressful. Even for the most organised, Type A brides, it's enough to make you want to elope or just show up at the magistrate's court for a quick, legal wedding. But Patience sure was up for the challenge. She wanted a personal touch to everything in her wedding. She had her chair-covers embellished and set off to make her own cake.

But as life would have it, even the most organised people run into hiccups, and those hiccups are usually in the form of other people. In Sunday's couple's case, the hiccup was a dodgy, dishonest tailor who spun them one lie after the other and still did not deliver on wedding day.

And so it seemed the wedding would not be perfect, because the couple did not have their traditional attire, the bride didn't get time to bake her custom suitcase cake, and the makeup artists didn't pitch. But the love gods must have been on their side, because in spite of it all, they did have a perfect wedding that was worthy of their love. A jovial couple, they won the hearts of viewers across the country.

At the end of the day, all's well that ends well.
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