Our Perfect Wedding Ep 4: Love takes time

27 January 2016
Our Perfect Wedding Ep 4: Love takes time Image : 795
Davis and Lindiwe tied the proverbial knot on Sunday night in front of a very enthusiastic audience of guests. Their love story is evidence that when a man wants a woman, he won't relent until he gets her. Davis worked hard to catch slippery fish Lindiwe, but once caught, she didn't struggle to stay on the net at all.

Their first planning trip took them to see what their reception would look like, when they got to see their mock table setting. The couple was rather underwhelmed by the incomplete setting, but hoped on their special day, it wouldn't disappoint.

Next, they got to have their food tasting, and the groom, a fervent lover of food, immediately perked up and was even inspired to offer the ladies at the table advice on how to hook and keep a man.

Next, Thembisa accompanied the bride to have a look at the traditional bridesmaids' dresses. Everyone present gave the dresses a perfect score.

The groomsmens' suits didn't quite hit the mark, though. They were ill fitting, and the groom was not impressed with the stitching. But the tailor promised to fix the problem so everyone would be all smiles on wedding day.

On wedding day, aside from a time issue, everything went swimmingly, and the couple exchanged moving vows in front of their guests. A passionate kiss followed the announcement that they were husband and wife.

At the reception, the bride's cousin recited a spirited poem in the bride's native tongue isiNdebele.

Day two of the wedding, the traditional wedding, took on a more relaxed atmosphere. The couple decided not to go with much of a program, but allowed the guests to eat, drink, and be merry. Thembisa asked them if they had their perfect wedding, and they proudly declared yes!