Our Perfect Wedding: Courtship and kisses

06 July 2015
Our Perfect Wedding: Courtship and kisses Image : 514
Last night, lovebirds Slondile and Mandleni tied the knot. Although, I think it's safer to call them lovebird after the fact, because the couple had not dated, had not held hands, had not kissed, before their wedding! The pastor was all set to remedy that when he married them and gave them permission to consummate their union with a kiss. Mandleni leaned in, and gave his wife... a hug!

The Pastor, unimpressed by the lukewarm display of affection, quickly called for a take two, and this time, they had to do it right. Under duress, Mandleni gave his newly minted wife a handshake, and a very awkward kiss, eyes tightly shut. Watch it again below:

We hope Mr and Mrs Moni have caught up!

Another conversation starter was the rather over-involved wedding planner, who happens to be their pastor's wife. She planned their wedding, designed their wedding rings, even chose the bridesmaids!

Ultimately, the wedding was unmistakeably beautiful. The decor was gorgeous and finished on time, the food plenty, and the whole day was run like a well oiled machine.

Congratulations, Slondile and Mandleni!

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