Our Perfect Wedding: All in attendance

23 June 2015
Our Perfect Wedding: All in attendance Image : 498
On Sunday on Our Perfect Wedding, Sifiso and Patricia took their 15 year relationship to the ultimate level when in the presence of family and friends, they exchanged vows and became man and wife.

It was their perfect wedding, but not without a few hiccups and one major disappointment. Family is mean to be there every step of the way when one of their own ties the knot. However, Patricia's sister, also her maid of honour, failed to be at her sister's side when she collected her dress and prepared for her wedding.

Not only did the bride's family disappoint her, but when the groom's family arrived very late for the wedding, he couldn't hold back tears.

Though both suffered bitter disappointment from the ones they love, it was the love for each other that they held fast to and in the end, their had their perfect wedding.