Our Perfect Wedding: A Winter Wonderland indeed!

18 August 2015
Our Perfect Wedding: A Winter Wonderland indeed! Image : 577

It was undoubtedly a beautiful wedding and for Dumile and his bride Esther, that was all they wished for. The couple went out of their way to make it a memorable one as they had some unique elements; the pre-wedding photo booth shoot, the 3-in-one dress, the vintage car, among others. It was indeed the Winter Wonderland that Esther dreamed it to be.

Mzansi was excited about the couple and their wedding alike. Let's see what you had to say:

We called it first, but it looks like Mzansi Magic fans also recognised the resemblance between the bride and international singing sensation Mariah carey:

It was the wedding that reawakened Mzansi's love for love:

It certainly was a great day!

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Photo credit: Conway Photography