Our fave MOO-ments from last night’s show

10 July 2017
We have no beef with Cape Town's auditions showing

Moo...Beef...Cow... Get it? ...Ok. If you have no idea what's going on, it will all make sense by the end of this article. Promise.

Last night, Idols swept in like the proverbial windstorm - and left us all with our wigs in our laps, because what even was life before our big return to television? Were we all living a lie?

If you missed our stunning return to Sunday night television (SNT), allow us to detail all the OMG moments that had Mzansi in happy tears.

Donald's talent…and eyes

So…We have a nice roster of stars lined up to take a swing on one particular judges chair this season – and last night, possessor of the unmatched falsetto, Donald, took ownership in Cape Town. And what a dream he was. Our favourite part of the whole thing was yes, the amazing advice, but also, the fact that our fave was not rocking his signature superstar shades. That means South Africa, as a collective, got to stare deep into his eyes last night. Amaze!

Randall's ice melting

Global warming is a serious, serious matter. And so is the matter of Randall's ice turning to pools of pond water. Cape Town certainly brought out the best in our judges - and one man in particular, Randall, the sternest of the A-team. From the get-go Randall was in fits of laughter, first over Wade's spelling (it's L.O.V.E, Wade. Not L.O.E.V.) and then he was off again when Cape Town’s Wooden mic contenders took to the arena.

The premiere of #GoTlhabuaKgomo

Remember the beef, cow, moo stuff from earlier... Uh huh! Lovely Xolisa took a bath and headed to the Idols auditions in Cape Town, completely unaware that his unique audition song would turn into the soundtrack to a totally hilarious movie conceived and shot right there in the Idols audition room.

The incredible talent

Cape Town showed up and showed out last night and introduced Mzansi to some pretty serious talent. 15 Golden Tickets (including 2 Golden Discs) in total were snapped up by the Mother City’s stars-in-waiting, who have each booked themselves a ticket to Theatre Week!

The Wooden Mic contenders

This season, you will be able to select your Wooden Mic champion like you did last year (Hi, Mbhishop!) - and if the Cape Town auditions are anything to go by, then this year will definitely be a tough race to the finish line. Are you taking it all the way?

The return of our rose

The conversation on social media

What’s better than watching Idols on a Sunday night? Watching Idols on a Sunday night and tweeting about it, that's what! #IdolsSA

Idols SA airs on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) every Sunday at 17:30.