Our Perfect Wedding: Birthday brides

19 April 2016
Our Perfect Wedding: Birthday brides Image : 944
A wedding day is a very special day in any woman's life, second only yo her birthday. How much more special would both days be if they happened on the same day! Two of our brides celebrated their birthdays on their wedding day and it was a two-for-one, double love whammy.

Mary Raletooane had waited 23 years to be the centre of attention as a bride. When her guests surprised her with birthday cakes and a birthday song, the day took on a new significance, and it took the shy bride a moment to get used to all the attention.

When Xolile tied the proverbial knot on her wedding day, she declared it the best gift her husband Mbhekeni could have gotten her for her birthday.

Double the love, double the gifts!

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