One son for another

19 July 2017
Chili may have killed his own brother, but Skhakhane has gained a son in exchange for another.
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It's a paternal catch 22. Skhakhane lost his favourite son, Lucky in cold blood to a cop in a foiled robbery. In his quest for revenge, he killed 3 men only innocent of killing his son. Little does he know that Chili, the policeman who killed his son is also his son. What will Skhakhane choose when he finds out the full truth? Will he choose revenge or his new son?

Some might call Chili negligent, selfish and a man driven by tunnel-vision. Chili would probably describe himself as a man on a mission to clean up the streets. There is no doubt that Chili is obsessed with taking down Skhakhane in an effort to avenge his mother's death. But has he come to close for comfort to that thin line between love and hate - Skhakhane is both his father, a man he has longed for and his nemesis. 

When Skhakhane finds out that Lucky was killed by his own brother Chili, will he choose to avenge his lost son or welcome the one he has gained with oppen arms? Skhakhane is a ruthless man who takes no prisoners. Careful in all his deeds unlike his son Chili who takes action in the heat of a moment. 

Chili has made himself a trusted member of the Skhakhane family already. He has saved TK, the only son Skhakhane knows he has, countless times from himself. if anything, Skhakhane is indebted to Chili. Will Chili be able to trade the favours for his own life should the time come. 

It is father vs son war and each one has the same weakness...love and family. 

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