Oh, Brother!

03 July 2017
The groom's brother almost stole the show at his brother's own wedding.
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It's generally agreed upon that on at any wedding, the bride is the most beautiful woman in attendance, and the groom the most dashing of them all. It's a time-honoured principle that has found generally no opposition from wedding guests. However, this past Sunday on Our Perfect Wedding, the groom's brother Asande upset the apple cart by making off with the hearts of female viewers across Mzansi, including that of Gomorrah Diva Nomsa herself, who couldn't resist batting her eyelids and shamelessly flirting with him. 


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Not only is Asande a doting and devoted brother, blessed with dashing good looks, but he is also quite the crooner. He serenaded the couple at the reception, blessing everyone in attandance with his smooth, velvety vocals. If any lady had managed to keep her cool until that point, she surely was won over at that!



Let's all hear it for Asande, the groom's brother who stole the show, and the hearts of millions!

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