Nothing but broken hearts

25 February 2022
This month of love was not quite the romantic love is in the air February we are used to in Mzansi. Mjolo had everyone in a chokehold.
broken hearts february 2022 love month article

While others were receiving gifts from their respective Valentines this month of love, all over Mzansi Magic hearts were being broken. Whichheartbreak do you think was the worst?

6 –  MK left Nandi hanging again but bought her diamonds and a car – The Republic

Although Nandi did get a very expensive gift on Valentine's Day, diamonds bought with pocket change from a R10 million corrupt side deal MK concluded, she still makes the list because he continues to sleep with the entire cabinet and disrespect her. His latest took place on her birthday at her house during a birthday party he was hosting for her to mend their broken marriage – he slept with his PA in his office. 

5 – Doctor didn’t realise Thina is into Sizwe – The Republic

He may not know it, but his mjolo woes did not end when Thina left him rambling to himself at the 5-star dinner table. She also went on to see Sizwe, tell him how proud she is of him and give him their first kiss. Sorry doc.

4 – Melusi uyagowa because Thati is getting married – Gomora

On top of having a broken leg, Melusi has to deal with the excruciating pain of watching the love of his life planning a wedding with another man while Melusi also tries to convince his wife bot to leave him as she should. Gladys on the other hand is ready to leave Melusi but Thati's upcoming nuptials are giving her hope that Melusi could give up on Thati and focus on her. 

3Khumo had a gun pointed to his face

Khumo thought he was finally meeting the love of his life’s family but instead found himself staring down the barrel of Uncle Brutus’ gun and getting a bad beating because he is a Sebata. He has since discovered that Olerato belongs to a drug peddling family and is crying himself to sleep over their breakup. Talk about the worst love month ever!

2 – Mgedeza found out that his newborn son is not his own child

Not only did Mgedeza find out that he is not yet a father but he also found out that he may never be a father because he is infertile and has been so from birth. He has gone on a brokenhearted killing spree trying to find the man who impregnated his wife and unfortunately for Jomo, Mgedeza found him and killed him. 

1 – Nox fell in love with her sneaky link, while trying to get over her ex, who is now engaged to marry her best friend

It’s the most heartbreaking mouthful and the reason Nox takes the cup for the biggest heartbreak ever this love month.

Will things start looking up for our broken hearts in Mzansi-ville? Stay tuned to Mzansi Magic DStv channel 161 everyday to find out.