Not meant to be

29 August 2017
Winnie and Lebone's fairytale love stole our hearts, but it seems it was just not meant to be...
isthunzi not meant to be

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, that's how you'll know - That old adage may be true in most instances but in Winnie and Lebone's case, it couldn't have been further from the truth. Winnie and Lebone let each other go for a few months and in that time the course of their love had completely changed....what now for the lovebirds? Is this how their love story ends?

It all began many moons ago, in another classic Gash and Winnie plot, the two managed to orchestrate a meet and greet between Lebone and Winnie that quickly turned into love. Not even Winnie's brother sending her off to Phelumoya could stop the love these two lovebrids had for each other. It was a simply a match made in heaven....with each long distance phone call, text and conversation they grew closer and closer in love...

However, with only one meet and miles between them, it was only a matter of time before their love went through turmoil. Winnie's mistakes quickly caught up with her when Mandla exposed that she had been talking to him and it was more than Lebone could handle. Given everything they shared, should Lebone have given Winnie the benefit of the doubt or was he right to fear that their long-distance love was merely an illusion?

However, our ninja is not one to quit! With her matric out of the way she went through hell and high water to get to Joburg to see Lebone again and they spent an incredible and innocent night together...but was it the last? With lebone engaged to be married to Gugu the doctor, it seems Winnie is no competition in terms of Lebone's long-term plans. However, while Lebone may be a noble man who always does the right thing...he has still failed to answer one question about his relationship with Gugu despite Winnie asking it multiple times - Does he love her?

Will Lebone really leave the love of his life Winnie for the safe choice...Gugu? Or is Winnie and Lebone's love strong enough to weather even this storm? Will Lebone choose Winnie or Gugu in the end? 

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