Nokwanda and Nomonde have a few things in common – Isifiso

11 May 2023
We’re taking a closer look at Bazo’s competition.
Nokwanda article

We’re five episodes in to the new season of #Isifiso and Bazo’s nightmare didn’t just come in a form of a dream, but also in a form of a girl that just returned to the village, Nokwanda. 😱

Viewers have made it no secret that Linda Mtoba joining this season was the best thing on television since she was missed on #TheRiver1Magic. Now, it only makes sense to see how different or alike she is to the role we’ve always loved of Nomonde.


They are both serious about looking stunning!

Face, hair, nails? Served! Since the day we met Nomonde on #TheRiver1Magic she’s always made sure that she looks her best. Even through her scheming ways, she always made sure that she does it while serving face. Nokwanda on the other hand is no different, she has been up and down with Mhlengi on the streets of Mzumbe with her wig laid. It’s all in the eyes for everyone jaws have been found on the floor since.


She is just as calculating 

Every step is taken with precision and she makes sure of it. It was always calculated with Nomonde even though the end result wasn’t always what she pictured and now Nokwanda is up to similar tricks, but almost worse. The good sis has been saying all the right things to Mhlengi to get to her goal, while lying to her mother about plans for her future.


She is fearless!

No need to say more, she is up for the challenge! 😩


Anything for money

If it’s for money, they will both do it. For Nomonde it was a scam after the other with her last one of faking a pregnancy and working with Vero to get Lindiwe to give them money and a house being the biggest one that we shall never forget. Nokwanda is following in her footsteps now that she’s back home because things didn’t play out the wanted she wanted to in Johannesburg.

She is willing to do anything for the soft life and in this case, she’s fighting to grab Bazo’s. She never like Mhlengi growing up but now that he’s monied and she’s desperate, he’s now the best thing since sliced bread in her eyes. Fully aware that he’s with Bazo, she makes it her full-time job to flirt and seduce him so that she can get out of Mzumbe and live the life she believes she deserves.


It's only getting even more interesting so don’t miss any of the drama.

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