New love on Isibaya

14 February 2020
Will these new couples stand the test of time?
new love on isibaya article

Love is always in the air on Isibaya. How long that loves lasts… well you will just have to stay tuned to see. We take a look at new couples on the show that Mzansi is rooting for. Who is your fav new Isibaya couple?

Jabu and Ntwenhle

The forbidden lovers have taken Mzansi by illicit storm. Ntwenhle feels she is no longer in love with Dabula and Jabu is right on time with new love and passion. Given how quickly she fell in love with Dabula in similar passionate hast and Jabu erh, history with secret lovers; can we trust their love to survive?

Duma and Qondi

In a short space of time, Duma and Qondi have been through it. From keeping their love a secret, to the rabbit he had to hunt for her in the mountains, to her resignation from the council and that epic fight between him and Fezile for her heart. Does this mean they could last?

Dam Dam and Vava Voom

Not so new and not quite old school love, this couple is a firm favourite. There is nothing they haven’t survived including family being against their relationship and Beauty’s recent betrayal which nearly left them destitute. Can we officially say this is the kind of love that will stand the test of time?

Sengwayo and MaMkhize

They have been on that ride or die tip so long we forget that Sengwayo and MaMkhize are actually newlyweds. He saved her from Dabula’s clutches when she had been kidnapped and she got him out of jail, their love is tried and tested.


Blade and Iris

Is it love or is it an arrangement, we are not sure but we are here for it. Blade has Iris’ back and even goes as far as beefing up the security at her place in times of trouble. Well, if that ain’t love then we don’t know what is, at least from Blade’s side.

Which couples will make it to old school love status? Stay tuned to #Isibaya to see how the love stories unfold.