Nandi & Natasha

21 July 2017
Nandi and Natasha auditioned as singles and were paired up on the show after Nandi, originally paired with Ngcingci, opted to partner with Nandi instead. They describe their relationship as synchronised, passionate, comfortable, and always happy.
Nandi & Natasha

I Joined KFC Taste Kitchen Because...

Nandi: For the challenge.

Natasha: My biggest dream is to have my own reality TV show; I see this as a stepping stone.

When Did You Discover Your Passion for Cooking? 

Nandi: I was 14.

Natasha: For as long as I can remember. Coming from a lower-middle income family, my mom would make delicious meals from inexpensive items, and I adopted that. 

What Is Your Favourite Food on the KFC Menu?

Nandi: The Dunked Wings.

Natasha: The Boxmaster.

Describe Your Perfect Kitchen/Cooking Space

Natasha: On a farm, with a showroom kitchen. 

Words to Live By:

Nandi: Nothing goes to waste.

Natasha: Trust the process, and believe in perfect timing.